Kaisa Väänänen

  • Professor Kaisa Väänänen  
    (previously Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila)
  • Human-Centered Technology (IHTE), Dept. of Pervasive Computing
    Tampere University of Technology
    Korkeakoulunkatu 6, P.O. Box 589, 33101 Tampere, Finland
  • Office in Tietotalo building, room TF204
    Tel: +358-40-849 0731
    Email: kaisa.vaananen (at) tut.fi


Since 2004, I am a full-time professor of usability in Tampere University of Technology (TUT), in the unit of Human-Centered Technology (IHTE), an interdisciplinary group of 20 researchers and research assistants. IHTE is located in the department of Pervasive Computing at TUT. We have research projects on a broad spectrum of topics, including user experience of mobile services and sensor-based systems, mobile mixed reality, and user-centered design and evaluation methods. We work closely with industrial partners and cooperate frequently with researchers from other interdisciplinary research groups. My teaching focuses on user experience and human-centered design of mobile and ubiquitous systems. I work actively in the international research forum, especially in the mobile HCI and CHI communities.

Before my full-time professorship in TUT, I worked in various internal consultancy and research management positions in Nokia, Inc. in 1995-2004 (see my CV). I also held a part-time professorship in TUT during years 2000-2004. Before that, in years 1991-1995 I worked as a researcher in Computer Graphics Center in Darmstadt, Germany. I obtained my Dr. Tech. (Dr.-Ing.) degree in Technical University of Darmstad in 1995. Before that, I enjoyed my studies of software engineering in Technical University of Helsinki (1983-1991), artificial intelligence in University of Minnesota (1988-89) and Human-Computer Interaction in University of London (1989-1990).

My research interests cover, but are not limited to:

Since January 2013, I am acting in Academy of Finland, in the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering.

Since 2009, I am in the editorial board of Interacting with Computers journal (IwC) published by Elsevier.

I will be the general chair of MobileHCI 2016, and Case Study chair for CHI 2016.

In 2011, I was working part-time with Mobile Life Centre @ Stockholm University, enabled by Nokia Foundation's Visiting professor grant. I have also worked with Nokia Inc. in 1995-2004 and as a part-time visiting professor at Nokia Research Center on design and evaluation of user experience in 2008-2010.


I live with my family in Pirkkala which is a small town (well, a village :-) near Tampere, Finland. I have two children, Samuel (born 1999) and Helena (2003). During my free time, I do sports (biking, gym, running), dance, take the kids to their hobbies, travel and meet up with friends.

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