Laika - IDE for maemo development

Today is Wednesday, 07-Dec-2016 14:26:07 EET

NEW: The Laika project has been shutdown in Feb 2007.
The Eclipse plugin project continues in maemo garage

What is Laika?

Laika is a new Eclipse plugin which uses Scratchbox. Communication between Eclipse and Scratchbox is mainly handled with shell-commands. This plugin makes it possible to use Scratchbox without familiarizing oneself with Scratchbox (too much that is). The main idea is that user can cross-compile programs to ARM-binaries.

User will be able to run and debug programs, which use X-window or X-window with Maemo environment. The programs will be inserted inside Scratchbox, so our plugin makes it possible to create, edit, run and debug your applications from Eclipse. This makes much easier to develop your own progams for e.g. Nokia 770 Internet tablet.

Please take a look of user guide for more information about our Laika plugin.


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