SGN-6106 in Course Catalog 2008-2009 and in POP.
Period 4, 22.2.2010-1.4.2010.
Prerequisites: SGN-6056 Introduction to Computational Systems Biology, SGN-6057 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology or equivalent knowledge on basic concepts of cellular and molecular biology.
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This course gives an introduction to computational systems biology. Hands-on excercises are given on each of the topics.
Week 8: Introduction to CSB, Measurement techniques
Week 9: Microscopy and digital image processing
Week 10: Sequence analysis and databases
Week 11: Genomic data analysis
Week 12: Modeling of molecular interaction networks
Week 13: Stochastic modeling, CSB applications


4h/week. On Tuesdays 12 - 14 (in TB222) and on Wednesdays 10 - 12 (in TB222).
The lectures will be given by members of the Computational Systems Biology research group, as well as visiting lecturers.
Lecture material is in POP.


2h/week, 2 alternative exercise groups:
Wednesdays 12 - 14, TC415
Fridays 12 - 14, TC415

Exercise material is in POP.
You need to get a Lintula user account before the exercises: Applying for a new user account.
If you have no previous MATLAB experience, it would be useful to read the first parts of MATLAB: Getting Started, or the MATLAB Primer.
(Or Lyhyt MATLAB-opas in Finnish.)


1. Lecture diary (1 - 12 points)
2. Presence in exercises (1 - 6 points, one point per exercise)
3. Final essay (1 - 12 points)

3 points is needed from all three requirement categories (diary min 3 points, presence min 3 points, essay min 3 points). In addition, 15 points is required to pass the course. Instead of the lecture diary, a final examination may taken. In that case, the exercises and the essay should be taken normally. The exam will be graded similarly to the lecture diary (1-12 points).

Assessment scale is numeric (1-5).

Study material

All the materials will be delivered via POP.

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