Author's kit for the camera-ready versions

Note that deadline for camera-ready submission is May 5, 2004.

The templates that include formats and guidelines for the preparation of the submissions are available in latex format:, and in MSWord format: eunice2004-submission.doc. Notice that eunice2004-submission.doc is not a true MSWord template, but rather an example document, the style of which you should follow as closely as possible.

Pay attention to the following important rules:

1. Your paper must not exceed eight A4 pages for full papers and three A4 pages for short papers;

2. To format your paper you must use either Latex style file or template for MSWord;

3. Do not try your initial file to look like template, use provided templates instead;

4. Do not forget to copy your paper title to the appropriate header as indicated in templates;

5. Do not change placement of header and footer rules in templates;

6. Do not incorporate page numbers in your camera-ready paper;

7. Make sure that your paper is exactly in A4 format (210mmx297mm or equivelently 8.27''x11.69'' or equivelently 21.00cmx29.70cm);

8. Submit your paper in pdf format irrespective of whether you use Latex or MSWord;

9. Attach source files to your submission (tex+figures+bib for Latex or doc file for MSWord);

10. Submit camera-ready paper via e-mail to:

Check the following important notes:

1. After reception your paper will be checked for correct formatting. If some formatting mistakes are found you will be asked to make appropriate corrections;

2. In case authors do not still follow the formatting instructions, the editorial group reserves the right to refuse publication of the paper in the proceedings;

3. Please note that registration of at least one author is required in order to have papers included in the printed proceedings.