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SP/CAS Chapter Activities -94

IEEE Finland Section SP/CAS Chapter 1994 Activities

The Chapter had 6 meetings:

1. February 18, Lecture: Dr. Phil Woodland, Cambridge University Engineering Department, ``Hidden Markov Models in Speech Recognition''.

2. May 6, Lecture: Prof. Matti Pietikäinen, ``Machine Vision Research in the Computer Laboratory of the University of Oulu''.

3. May 20, The First TUT Symposium on Signal Processing '94.

4. May 23-24, The VI'th Finnish Symposium on Industrial and Engineering Mathematics, to invite and host the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Prof. Maurice Bellanger who gave an invited talk on ``Signal AC Matrix, Prediction and Adaptive Filtering''.

5. October 3, Lecture: Prof. Atsushi Imiya, Dept. of Information and Computer Sciences, Chiba University, ``Subpixel super-resolution''.

6. December 19, IEEE Finland Section SP/CAS Chapter Annual Meeting -94. Dr. Olli Vainio gave a talk about analog predictor circuits. Election of Chapter officers.

Moncef Gabbouj and Kari Saarinen attended to the Meeting of IEEE Region 8 CAS Society Chapter Chairmen held in London, 2nd June 1994. The meeting was held during ISCAS'94.

Kari Saarinen attended to the IEEE meeting held in Espoo on September 15. IEEE President and other representatives from IEEE Headquater were present. Future directions of IEEE and common problems of voluntary officers were discussed.

Moncef Gabbouj and Kari Saarinen attended to the annual meeting of the Finland Section in Helsinki on December 16.


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