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Nokia Industry Visit Photo Gallery

(Special thanks to Roberto Airoldi and Sriram Gurumoorthy)

Chapter Chairman introducing the IEEE FS SP/CAS Chapter to the audience Event Manager Sriram Gurumoorthy (first row, right)
Participants at Nokia Nokia is a great host! :)
Nokia HR (standing in the back) was a great help! Mika Kuisma explaining the basics of Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging Demo 1 Wireless Charging for headphones (yellow ball). Speakers can have wireless Chargers built-in.
Mika Kuisma explaining the theoretical fundamentals of Wireless Charging Ville-Veikko Mattila from Nokia Research Center on Mixed Reality Systems
Mixed Reality Systems research at Nokia Practical applications of Mixed Reality Systems
Eero Salmelin, Director of Imaging explaining the basics of Nokia PureView technology Nokia Lumia imaging technology
Eero describing the evolution of imaging systems and camera technology at Nokia through the years Group photo of all participants at the Nokia Tampere site - cold spring!


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