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Dissemination of Recently Started EU/TEKES Projects - Photo Gallery

(Special thanks to Ranjeeth Shetty)

Prof. Ilkka Korhonen describing the basics of Health Informatics View of the audience
Personal Health Informatics (PHI) How PHI helps in prevention through behavorial change
Personal Health Informatics research group at TUT Prof. Mikko Valkama explaining the basics of his new research topic - Full Duplex Communication
View of the audience Research Liaison Officers Johanna Hakulinen and Jörg Langwaldt
Services provided by the EU Funding Office at TUT Support for preparing research project proposals
Johanna explaining tips on preparing an EU project proposal Jörg explaining the Horizon 2020 funding model starting from 2014
Dr. Atanas Gotchev explaining about his Mari Curie project - PROLIGHT IAPP Cutting edge optical technology and research planned under the PROLIGHT project
Andrei Jakab explaining about the BrainCare project The BrainCare project may have some open positions, so please contact here!


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