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Past Activities

2013 Annual Technical Activity Plan

Events during 2013


UPCOMING EVENT - Full-day tutorial and Keynote speeches at the 15th International Symposium on System on Chip (SoC 2013)! The International Symposium on System on Chip has technical co-sponsorship from the IEEE CASS and is one of the premier scientific conferences on SoC, NoC, and other Embedded System technologies within the Nordic Region. This year, SoC 2013 has agreed to allow free access to the full Tutorial day (October 22) and also to the keynote speeches (October 23, 24) to members of IEEE in Finland. Invited speakers include, but not limited to Prof. Yehea Ismail and Dr. Rajiv Joshi, both of whom are Distinguished Lecturers at the IEEE CAS Society. Please visit the conference webpage for more information. Information about registration and other practicalities will be available here and on the Chapter LinkedIn group later. The event is also advertised in the latest edition of the IEEE CASS newsletter!


Guest Lecture on Smart Antenna Array Processing and LTE/Cellular Positioning Principles by Prof. Gonzalo Seco-Granados from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) on Monday, September 9, 10:00-12:00 in Tampere University of Technology room TB222. This lecture was free for all and no registration was necessary. Please refer to the speakers personal homepage for his research interests and biography. Event Photo.


Full-day tutorial and IEEE SPS Distinguished Lecture - Prof. Tuläy Adali from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County gave a lecture on "Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Independent Vector Analysis (IVA): Theory, Connections, and Applications to Medical Imaging". This lecture was part of the tutorial session during the 2013 Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA 2013) on June 17 in Espoo, Finland. The entire tutorial day was free to members of IEEE in Finland! If you wish to have the slides of the lecture, please contact the Chapter Officers.


Invited Lecture - "Cross Domain Reconfiguration" by Prof. Michael Hübner of the Ruhr University of Bochum (RUB) on May 31, 2013 at 12:15 - 13:00 in Tampere University of Technology, room TB223. This lecture was free for all and no registration was necessary. Please refer to the Chapter LinkedIn group for the abstract of the lecture.

27.03.2013 ============================================================================================================================================

An afternoon seminar on "Dissemination of Recently Started EU/TEKES Projects - Novelty Aspects, Experiences and Opportunities" (official poster can be viewed here). Wednesday 27.3.2013 at 12.15-15.45, Tampere University of Technology, Tietotalo building, room TB111.

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The following topics were on the agenda:

1. Welcoming words by IEEE FS SP/CAS representative Dr. Pasi Pertilä,

2. Health informatics is getting personal – what and why? Professor Ilkka Korhonen,

3. (Some) innovations in radio technology research by Professor Mikko Valkama,

4. Bids for EU funding by Research Liaison Officers Jo¨rg Lanwaldt and Johanna Hakulinen,

5. Is IAPP an attractive and easy Marie Curie Action to get and run? The case of PROLIGHT-IAPP project (and here) by Associate Professor Atanas Gotchev,

6. Turn your research agenda into an Initial Training Network (ITN) by professor Jari Nurmi - Cancelled!,

7. BrainCare: The future of epilepsy treatment by Project Researcher Andrei Jakab,

The event schedule can be viewed here.

The aim of the seminar was to make new research projects more visible and let them have more impact on the community of researchers, share experiences for funding applications, and let students and researchers know about possible openings in these projects. Duration of each talk was approximately 30 minutes, including questions. The talk contents were about the aims and goals of the project, what novel results are expected, and what is their expected impact on society. Especially in case of EU projects, tips on what made the project application stand out, what are the lessons learned, and good practices while preparing the application were discussed. TUT research liaison officers told about the general procedure of preparing EU projects.

Event Manager - IEEE Chapter Treasurer: Dr. Pasi Pertilä.

Event organized in collaboration with IEEE FS GOLD Tampere and IEEE FS Student Branch @TUT.



The third executive committee meeting of the chapter was organized at Tampere.




The IEEE Finland section - Signal Processing/Circuits and Systems Chapter had organized an industrial visit to Nokia, Tampere on Wednesday, 13 March 2013. The event began at Tampere University of Technology, Room TB214 at 8:00 AM.

The following topics were on the agenda:

1. Nokia (Tampere) - An Introduction by Senior Vice-President - Mr. Erik Anderson,

2. Mixed Reality Systems by Ville-Veikko Mattila from Nokia Research Centre,

3. Camera Innovations/ PureView - End Image Processing by Director of Imaging - Eero Salmelin,

4. Wireless Charging by Mika Kuisma.

The event schedule was as follows:

8.00 AM - Event Starts, Introduction to the IEEE Chapter

8.30 AM - Starting to Nokia, Tampere office

8.40 AM - Registration process at Nokia office

9.00 AM - Presentations from High-Level Researchers/Managers

12.00 AM - Event Ends

Event Manager - IEEE Chapter Secretary: Sriram Gurumoorthy.

Event organized in collaboration with IEEE FS GOLD Tampere and IEEE FS Student Branch @TUT.



The second executive committee meeting of the chapter was organized at Tampere. Minutes of the meeting are here.


The first executive committee meeting of the chapter was organized at Tampere. Minutes of the meeting are here.


The annual meeting of the chapter was organized at Tampere University of Technology. It was chaired by Dr. Tuomas Virtanen and he presented the list of chapter activities in 2012 and its financial status. New chapter officers for 2013 were elected. Minutes of the meeting are here.


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