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Paris, France, April 28th, 2013

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EIPS - Experiencing Interactivity in Public Spaces - a workshop at CHI 2013

Mobile and ubiquitous systems create opportunities for new kinds of interactivity in public spaces. Examples of human-technology interactions in public spaces include interactive displays on different scales; mobile systems enabling projection in public environments; smart interactive and reactive objects; tangible interfaces; and public media arts. Human-system and mediated human-human interactions become public and visible to the people around the same space. This creates many possibilities and challenges for designing the user experience that arise primarily from the social and physical context. This workshop will bring together researchers, designers, practitioners and media artists to discuss elements and viewpoints of such new forms of experiences. The results of the workshop will be an "experience design space" and a research agenda for experiences with interactive systems used in public spaces.

We received 52 submissions and based on a blind review process were able to accept an interesting set of 27 papers (52% acceptance rate). The accepted papers are accessible in the tab Accepted Papers.

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