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Paris, France, April 28th, 2013

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Organisers and Program Committee

Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila is a professor of usability and user experience in Tampere University of Technology, where she's leading the unit of Human-Centered Technology (IHTE). Kaisa has 20 years of experience in human-centered design and user experience research, both in academia and industry, including over 10 years with Nokia Inc. Kaisa is frequently acting in programme committees of HCI-related conferences, especially in Mobile HCI and CHI.

Kaisa acts as the main contact for EIPS; if you have questions, please send email to:

Alvaro Cassinelli is assistant professor at the University of Tokyo and leader of the Meta-Perception group at the Ishikawa-Oku Laboratory - a research group specialized on Human-Computer Interfaces for enhancing human communication and expression. Independently experimenting in the field of Media Arts, he has been awarded several international prizes including a Grand Prize at the Japan Media Art Festival, an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica, and a Jury Grand Prize at Laval Virtual

Jonna Häkkilä is a research team leader at Center of Internet Excellence at University of Oulu, Finland, and co-founder of user experience (UX) design house Soul4Design. In 2007-2011, she worked as a research leader at Nokia Research Center, where she led user experience, concepting and prototyping research teams. She is an active member of HCI research community, and her publications focus on UX of mobile and ubiquitous systems.

Jörg Müller is a visiting professor in human-computer interaction at the University of Arts, Berlin. Additionally, he works as a researcher for Telekom Innovation Laboratories, where he leads the team on Mobile and Physical Interaction. His research interests in the field of human-computer interaction focus on urban computing and digital signage. He works on understanding how people interact with digital signage and creating new interactive experiences in urban spaces.

Enrico Rukzio is a professor for Human Computer Interaction at the University of Ulm (Germany) and a lecturer in the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University (UK). His research focuses on the investigation of novel interaction techniques, applications and services which support the interaction between mobile devices and pervasive user interfaces. This includes especially the interaction with horizontal and vertical displays, personal projectors and projected user interfaces.

Albrecht Schmidt is a professor for Human Computer Interaction at the University of Stuttgart. His research interest is in human computer interaction beyond the desktop, including UIs for mobile devices and cars. Understanding the impact of contextual factors on the user experience and on the systems design is driving his work. He is co-founder of the ACM conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI). He is on the editorial board of the IEEE Computer Magazine.

Program committee (PC)

Jussi Ängeslevä, ART+COM / The Berlin University of the Arts, Germany

Leena Arhippainen, Center for Internet Excellence, University of Oulu

Matthias Baldauf, FTW, Austria

Keith Cheverst, Lancaster University, UK

David Geerts, iMinds  KU Leuwen, Belgium

Uta Hinrichs, University of St Andrews, UK

Katherine Isbister, New York University/NYU-Poly, USA

Matt Jones, Swansea University, UK

Yasuaki Kakehi, Keio University, Japan

Vassilis Kostakos, University of Oulu, Finland

Kai Kuikkaniemi, Aalto University and Helsinki Institute of Information Technology, Finland

Tomas Laurenzo, Universidad de la República of Uruguay

Ann Morrison, Aalborg University, Denmark

Stina Nylander, Mobile Life @ SICS, Sweden

Marianna Obrist, Newcastle University, UK

Thomas Olsson, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Daniela Petrelli, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Derek F. Reilly, Dalhousie University, Canada

Jacob Tholander, Mobile Life Centre, Sweden

Jo Vermeulen, Hasselt University, Belgium

Danielle Wilde, 2013-2014 Sidney Myer Creative Fellow, Australia

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