Exploring the Factors of Usability for Designing Successful Mobile Business Services

Fun and fast? Exploring the Factors of Usability for Designing Successful Mobile Business Services MobileHCI'07 workshop, Singapore, 9th September, 2007

In the past decade, mobile services have been developed for consumer and entertainment usage. More recently, mobile services are entering business contexts in different types of companies in, for example, office work, logistics, construction business, and health care. However, the usability of these services depends on their suitability to the workers' needs, tasks and processes in the business contexts. Mobile service usability is affected by a multitude of intertwined factors, including terminal design, service interaction, and compatibility of the technologies used in the companies operating as part of a business network. The context of use is very complex, and it needs to be analysed and modelled to ensure the success of the services in long-term, goal-oriented usage.

This workshop aims at establishing a model of comprehensive set of factors that affect the usability of mobile services in business contexts. Based on the factors, methods for designing successful mobile services can be developed.

The workshop is intended for both practitioners developing mobile services and academics studying usability of mobile services in business contexts. In addition, members of user organisations of mobile services are encouraged to submit their positions.
A Paper Submission
Applicants should submit their position paper by 15th of July 2007 (extended deadline) to teija.vainio@tut.fi. The position papers should not exceed 4 pages in CHI landscape format (http://www.chi2007.org/submit/chi2007extendedabstracts.doc).

The position papers should provide relevant background information about the participant and findings related to practical or research work in the area.

At least one author of each accepted paper needs to register for the workshop and for one day of the conference by early registration deadline in July the 31st, 2007. Authors of selected papers will be asked to prepare a brief presentation in the workshop. Notification of acceptance will be given by 27th July 2007. The workshop is taking place September 9, 2007.
For late submissions, please contact teija.vainio@tut.fi.