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Tampere University of Technology degree students may study User Experience as a major or minor. User Experience studies are suitable for students who are interested in the interaction between human and technology and in user interface design. Minor studies provide a general multidisciplinary view on the design and development of successful interactive products. Major studies give a deeper understanding on how to combine the users' requirements in product development projects to the multitude of opportunities software systems have to offer. More information about the study modules can be found in the study guide.

In addition, there is an international Master program in Human-Technology Interaction for those with a Bachelor's degree. The program is arranged together with University of Tampere and there is a separate process for applying in this from other universities. However, the courses by IHTE are more or less the same for both types of students (those in the international program and TUT's regular students majoring User Experience).

The major study module in user experience gives important skills and readiness to participate in various research and development projects. Recommended study module combinations with user experience:

Information about postgraduate studies can be found at postgraduate pages. All of the courses organized by IHTE are open for students from other Finnish universities through JOO scheme.

To transfer study records from other college or university, contact the secretary of the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering.

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Courses in Human-Centered Technology 2013-2014:

Course Credits Language Egilible for Postgraduate studies
TIE-04100 Käyttäjäkokemuksen perusteet (Introduction to User Experience) 3 Finnish No
TIE-41106 User Interface Design 5 English, Finnish No
TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development 5 English Yes
TIE-41306 User Experience: Design and Evaluation 5 English Yes
TIE-41406 Human-Centered Design Project 5 English Yes
TIE-13106 Project Work On Pervasive Systems 5-10 English No
TIE-40106 Psychology of Pervasive Computing 5 English No
TIE-40206 Cross-Cultural Design 3 English Yes
YHTTAY-40020 Usability Evaluation Methods 5 English No
Seminar in Human-Computer Interaction 2-4 English Yes
TST-01306 Master’s Thesis Seminar 1 English No
TUT-9006 Orientation to Doctoral Studies 5 English Yes
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