ELT-43106 Multicarrier and Multiantenna Techniques

Tentative lecture schedule 2017

Tue 7.3. Multicarrier modulation principle, OFDM system model

Thu 9.3. Cyclic prefix in OFDM, Channel equalization

Tue 14.3. Channel estimation and synchronization

Thu 16.3. TX power amplifier issues and other RF implementation related aspects

Tue 21.3. Adaptive modulation and coding; Capacity, water-filling principle

Thu 23.3. OFDM-based multiple access: OFDMA, SC-FDMA, MC-CDMA

Tue 28.3. Diversity, outage concept and analysis

Thu 30.3. Multiantenna techniques 1: Concepts and scenarios

Tue 4.4. Multiantenna techniques 2: Transmission schemes

Thu 6.4. Multiantenna techniques 3: Transmission schemes continued

Thu 20.4. OFDM applications: 4G mobile communications, LTE

Tue 25.4. OFDM applications: 802.11 WLAN evolution, Broadcasting systems, Wireline communications

Thu 27.4. Future wireless system developmens and advanced waveforms