ELT-43406 5G Mobile Communications – Spring 2018

Updated 22.2.2018

Basic info:


Preliminary schedule (links to lecture notes will appear in this list):

Supplementary materials:

3GPP documents: These include (drafts and finalized versions of) specifications for different generations and releases of cellular mobile system evoilution, as well as meeting documents related to the on-goning standardization activities (different companies proposals, meeting minutes, way forward documents, etc.). See 3GPP material info.

Demos of 5G technologies and applications

White papers, etc. Many of these cover different aspects of 5G, and the listed white paper sites include seprate white papers on various specific technologies relevant for 5G.

5G spectrum

Books on LTE/LTE-A, available as eBooks from TUT library:

LTE reserach grid demo

Additional supplementary materials (this is a preliminary list based on previous implementation of the course and will be updated during the course period):

Optical core network:

Network densification:

Network technologies: Cloud RAN, Virtualization, Network slicing:

Massive MIMO:

Waveforms and redio access:

IoT, mMTC:



Tactile internet:

Industrial Internet: