Communication Systems Laboratory Course


  • The mandatory starting lecture will be held on Monday 24.9.2018! The place is SM207 and the time is 10:15-11:00. (updated 31.8.2018)
  • Before starting this course a student has to participate a mandatory starting lecture (it is not possible to complete the course without it). The purpose of this lecture is to check that the student has all the necessary basic knowledge for telecommunication measurements and to form the working groups for making the laboratories.

  • The course consists of a number of assignments, each yielding 0.5-2.0 cr.
  • The lab works are done in groups of 2-3 students.
  • To register, send e-mail to Ari Asp. The e-mail should contain your name and student number.
  • Registering to an assignment is done by contacting the person in charge of the assignment. A student and the assistant have to discuss suitable time for the assignment together.
  • To pass the course, each group must complete assignments worth 5-9 cr during the academic year. Assignments can be selected based on one's own interest with respect to the requirements.
  • Studies can be started also in the spring term.
  • See the web page of the Assignments you are interested in for more info.


  • Course organization:
    Ari Asp, ari.asp (at), TD410.