RF Equipment for Wireless Networks


Exercises start on the second lecturing week.

The exercises are not obligatory but participation is highly recommended.

The target of the exercise sessions is to introduce you to different RF-equipment related calculations and to prepare you for the exam. The exercises are really important, since they give you some routine in solving the given problems presented during the lectures.

There will be five (5) exercise sessions in total. Solving (or at least trying to solve the problems) within the exercise session will provide you additional points which will be added to the points obtained in a successfully passed exam. Example: if a student was able to attend 4 out of 5 exercise sessions and scored 18 out of 30 in his/her exam, thus 4 points will be added to the final grade i.e. 18 + 4 = 22 out of 30.

Please, remember that those additional points for exams are valid only for next three exams. They can not be transferred to next year.

Exercise tasks will be uploaded here as the course progresses and solutions after the exercise sessions.