RF Equipment for Wireless Networks

Project work

The topic for the project work is "Diversity reception in indoor environment". The work itself will include measurements at the laboratory and a small written report. The report will be graded as passed, when you have successfully performed the measurements and returned the final report at an acceptable level.

Project work will be held on February 6 to February 15 in groups of three students. Group registrations will be done by signing the sheet available on the notification board of between rooms TD403 and TD405. There are different time slots available, starting from 8:15 to 16:15 and the duration of each lab is two hours. Make groups and sign your names under the same available time slot (only one!). If it seems that you are not able to participate to any of the available groups (they are full or any of the given times is not suitable for you), please contact the course assistant directly through email or by stopping by to TD405.
  • Here are some slides for a quick info on the project work.
  • Here are the actual the actual instructions for the project work. Print and read carefully before the lab which starts in front of the room TC405. The deadline for returning the report is 28.2.2018!
  • A short written report will conclude the project work. Requirements for the reports are announced in the work instructions and specified in the lab. One report per group is required.
  • Please return the report before the deadline via email to the instructor's email address. Remember to include your names, student IDs, email addresses and course number.

  • Data sheets of the used antennas:
    Polarization diversity: 742 210 68 deg. Panel Antenna,
  • Space diversity: 741 573 Wideband Omnidirectional Indoor Antenna.