Radio Network Planning

Laboratory works

  • Three LTE laboratory works will be available during the IV period in Spring. The assignments are optional; you can have 3 cp by completing 3 laboratory measurements that includes: LTE indoor channel measurement, LTE functionality, and LTE throughtput mueasurement aspects. Laboratory works consist of pre-lab assignment, laboratory measurement, and written report.

  • The labs will start from outside TC405 and will take place in the corridors of Tietotalo. Don't expect the teacher to wait for you if you are late, be there latest at the given time.

  • Laboratory assignments are made in groups of 2–3 students.

  • Group registrations will be done by signing the sheet available on the notification board of between rooms TD403 and TD405. There are different time slots available, starting from 8:15 to 15:15 and the duration of each lab is three hours. Make groups and sign your names under the same available time slot (only one!). If it seems that you are not able to participate to any of the available groups (they are full or any of the given times is not suitable for you), please contact the course assistant directly through email or by stopping by to TD405.

  • These three LTE lab assignments are also available in ELT-43506 Communication Systems Laboratory Course. Note that the credit points will be approved only once, i.e. either include them in ELT-43506 OR have a separate course mark for these three labs (grading pass/fail).

  • Note! Make pre-lab assignment BEFORE coming to laboratory (see pre-lab questions for each assignment from the instructions below).

  • Please use the given cover page for your reports.


  • 1. LTE Indoor channel measurements and planning, 1 cp (pdf)
  • 2. LTE physical layer procedures and functionality, 1 cp (pdf)
  • 3. LTE throughput measurements, 1 cp (pdf) (updated 26.4.2018)