Radio Network Planning

Project Work 2018

  • In this project work you will get familiar with practical radio network planning tasks in a fictive 3G (UMTS) network. The project work will be done in groups of two students.

  • The project work consists of two phases:

    • 1. Pre-project work assignment
      Project work assignment (parts related to pre-project work)
      (has to be approved by the assistant before being able to do the final project work report.

      (You can use the Link budget template in your report)

      Deadline for returning the pre-project work report: April 15th (15.4.2018)

      2. Final project work assignment
      Pay careful attention to the overall visual presentation of your report
      (and correct all typos, in general: the report should look "nice").

      Deadline for returning the final report: April 22nd (22.4.2018)

    The needed files for the final project work can be found from HERE (a zipped package consisting of 8 files). Please use these files in order to complete the project work. The amount of sites and cells can be different from what you have planned as this is one example on how the network could look like with certain configuration.