RNP Laboratory has teaching and research activities related to radio network planning and optimization of different radio networks including mainly 3GPP and IEEE801.xx standards.

In teaching area, a package of 5 courses is offered to give as complete understanding about radio network planning knowledge as possible for industrial purposes. Learning process is started from Radio Propagation in Wireless Networks (ELT-45006), and from RF Equipment for Wireless Networks (ELT-45106), and continued with Radio Network Planning (ELT-45206) course. After these three courses, student has basic knowledge about GSM/UMTS/HSPA/LTE planning. The knowledge can be deepened by participating seminar type of Advanced Topics in Radio Network Planning (ELT-49106) course. And finally practical knowledge can be improved by completing RNP related Laboratory works in Communication Systems Laboratory Course (ELT-43506) in TUT UMTS/LTE test network.

RNP Laboratory has co-operated over 10 years with Anite (field measurement equipment), Elisa (operator), NSN/Nokia Networks (TUT UMTS/LTE indoor test network), and University of Aalborg (for example, Femto Cell studies).