Recent Projects

TELE4SG—Co-planning and co-functionality of Mobile and Electrical networks (2013—) includes research about common synergies in monitoring and planning of Mobile and Electrical networks. More detailed research obtains solutions how to improve availability of electricity and communication in disaster scenarios.

Anite–Elisa–NSN/Nokia Networks co-operation in indoor planning area (2003—) concentrates to find out planning and optimization principles for overall indoor performance (coverage, capacity, quality) of 3GPP technology. This research mainly concentrates to indoor systems, and applications of them.

Macro–Micro–Mini layering project (2010—) targets to find out future strategies (layouts, layering, ...) to increase wireless network capacity to "next level", and to solve the most appropriate evolution path.

Femto Cell Project (2011–2012) had different functionality related topics to show applicability of Femto Cells.