ELT-45306 Advanced Course on Wireless Communications, 5cr

Announcements (updated on January 2nd 2018)

  • This web page is not updated during the course. Please follow the course Moodle page to obtain the most recent announcements and available course material.

Course objectives

  • The course concentrates on mobile radio network structures and on the interference management through radio resource management algorithms in wireless networks. The main emphasis during the course is given on cellular networks (focusing on 4G), although especially the radio resource management part is having a fairly general structure.

Contents of the Course

Radio network management (RRM):
  • Radio resource management and modelling
  • Resource allocation and admission control
  • Power control
  • Handover control
  • Packet scheduling
  • Multi-antenna communications and systems
  • Inter-cell interference coordination
Mobile radio networks:
  • Mobile network structures
  • Mobile radio protocols
  • Mobile radio network functionality
  • Telecom network management

Time and Place

  • Lectures: Tuesdays between 12-15 (SA203) starting on JAN-9th, 2018.  Lectured in English. Check exceptions from the schedule and follow the annoucements in Moodle.

Requirements for 5 cr

  • Written exam AND
  • Small-scale student presentation


    • ELT-41200/41206 Basic Course on Wireless Communications
    • Basic understanding of radio networks is essential


    • Lecture slides

    • 4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband (2nd Ed.), Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall, Johan Sköld, Elsevier, 2014.
    • UMTS Networks: Architecture, Mobility and Services, H. Kaaranen et al., Wiley, 2005.
    • Wireless communications, Molisch, Andreas F., Wiley, cop. 2011. (found as an e-book in the TUT library)
    • WCDMA for UMTS: HSPA Evolution and LTE, H. Holma, A. Toskala, Wiley, 2007.
    • 3G Evolution: HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband, E. Dahlman, S. Parkvall, J. Sköld, P. Beming, Elsevier, 2007
    • HSDPA/HSUPA Handbook, Edited by Borko Furht and Syed A . Ahson, CRC Press, 2011.
    • Radio Resource Management for Wireless Networks, J. Zander & Seong-Lyun Kim, Artech House, 2001.


    • Lectures and organization: Jukka Talvitie, TD426, jukka.talvitie{ät}tut.fi