Ihmiskeskeisen teknologian laitos

TIE-41206 Human centered product development, Spring 2015

General info about the assignment work

You are able to do the assignment work either in Finnish or English

Assignment work is done in two parts. Total grade of the assignemnt work is the sum of the points from the two parts.More specific details about grading is on page Grading page. Participating the feedback sessions of the assignment work are obligatory.

Detailed Instructions are in Moodle. Also the detailed deadlines are there, here we give just overall description. The assignment work is done in groups of 2-3 persons.

Making the assignment work

It it important to include your own considerations and your justifications for them. Document templates give you a lot of insight about the contents but they omit some issues on purpose. Answering only the questions in the templates will give you at maximum grade 3.

Schedule for the assignment work (see the details in Moodle)

Week Event Date
10Deadline for the first part xx.3.
11-12Feedback sessions
14Deadline for the first part's iteration xx.4
17Deadline for the second part End of April
19 & 20Feedback sessions
21Deadline for the second part's iteration ~22.5.
Change history:
  • 8.1.2015 Generalized deadlines for 2015 and years to come. Details in Moodle.