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Human Centered Technology

TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development, spring 2015, 5cr

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Notice for those who will participate this course in Spring 2015: We start using Moodle2.

The overall organizing of the course will remain the same, but these www-pages will contain more static information. Materials, lecture topics etc. will be in Moodle2.
While some pages might be under construction, please see carefully that the title of the page contains year 2015. That label shows that the page is updated (as well as the update history at the bottom).

General Info

Notice! If you follow any link, and end up in a page with anything else than year 2015 at the heading row, you are in a page that is not yet updated. You can see also the old pages by checking "Earlier implementations" link.

A student who takes his/her Bachelor's level studies at TUT should have taken the course "TIE-04100 BASIC COURSE ON USER EXPERIENCE" before this course. In addition, taking "YHTTAY-40020 Usability Evaluation Methods" is recommended, but it's ok to take both at the same spring.

A Master's level or postgraduate student who has taken a Bachelor's degree elsewhere should have understanding of basic concepts and methods of usability and human centered design. The assumption is that when entering this course: (s)he can definine usability goals and conduct a simple task analysis and a user study. (S)he can conduct a small scale usability test in a laboratory and in the field. (S)he can apply expert evaluation methods in practice.

The student understands how user needs and requirements need to be taken into account when developing interactive products in general and in software projects in particular.

Students in HTI programme are encouraged to take course "YHTTAY-04006 PRINCIPLES OF USABILITY, USER EXPERIENCE AND USER INTERFACES" before entering this course, if they feel they don't master the prerequisites explained above.

After completing the course the student kwnos how to:

  • describe the whole lifecycle of product development, the parts of the lifecycle and their meaning in interactive product development
  • recocnize different human centered methods suitable for different situations
  • explain the differences between product development and scientific work
  • evaluate analytically the functioning of a cross functional team
  • apply human centered design principles in product development projects
  • plan the usability/user experience work in a development project together with the team members and other stakeholders
  • exploit academic and commercial sources of HCI information

Communicating course info

Main channel for course information are Moodle and POP. Moodle will be open to join in at 9th of Jan.
Notice! We started using Moodle now for 2015 course. Lecture slides & schedules etc. material will no longer be updated on these web pages

You can reach the whole course staff from katu at cs tut fi.


Lectures start on friday, 16th of Jan 2015.

Lecture times
3rd period: tuesdays 8:30-10:00 and fridays 10:15-12:00 at TB111. Notice that we really start tuesdays @ 8:30, hopefully it feels a bit better :)
4th period: fridays 10:15-12 at TB111.

Notice! There will be no lectures on friday 24th of April, unless any lecture during the semester needs to be cancelled (illness, conference trip etc...)

Responsible for the course, lectures: Jarmo Palviainen. Assignment work and practices: Jari Laaksonen.


Practises start on week 4/2014
3rd 4th period: tuesdays 10:15-12 and fridays 12:15-14 in TC163.

Pick either one, no need to sign up.

Changes in the pages:
  • 16.1.2015 YHTTAY-40030 replaced by 40020 (there was an error!).
  • 13.1.2015 Place of practices announced.
  • 8.1.2015 Updated for the year 2015.