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TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development, spring 2015, 5cr


3rd period:
Tuesdays 8:15-10:00 @ TB111
Friday 10:15-12:00 @ TB 111

4th period:
Friday 10:15-12:00 @ TB 111

The first lecture is on Friday 16th of Jan!

Lecturing materials will appear to the Moodle. This page contains only general info, and the realized lecturing schedule from previous year. Here are the reading materials for the year 2014, some of them may be changed...

Lecture 1: 1. Introduction, definitions and some history
Article to be read before 2nd lecture:The evolution of user-centered focus...
L2: Perspectives on Product Development - Stakeholders
L3: Group work & communication in multicultural group
Read the article: How to Defend an Unpopular Schedule before the next lecture.
L4: User segmentation and values
+ article: Differentiation in the cloud: methodology for integrating customer values in experience design L5: User Experience and experience driven design BRIEFLY
Please read UX white paper L6: Short introduction to methods.
L7: Collecting, managing and defining requirements and goals
L8a: Trends + and an example sheet on Technology trends...
L8b: Futurology and scenarios as basis for concepting
L8c: Concept Design: From Visionary Concepting to Solving Conceptin
L9: Collecting information from external sources + few more words about stakeholders
L10: Economical groundings for UX work + Setting UX goals for a project + ideation techiques
Read before the next lecture: Carl W. Turner, A Strategic Approach to Metrics for User Experience Designers. Now go and search for this article!
L11: Software processes & HCD (+ Some Integration issues)
L12: Integrating UX into product development
L13: Software Architecture & Usability
L14: Software Architecture & Usability continued + other tech issues that UX professionals should know
L15: Visiting Lecture (1 "bonus" point): Agile User Experience (Kati Kuusinen)
Related reading by Arnowitz: Taking the fast Ride - Designing while being agile
L16: Service Design, Product development lifecycle
L17: Different perspectives on HCD; persuasiveness, activity theory... + summary discussion
L18. Visiting Lecture: Web Analytics in relation to UX & Service Design (Steve Jackson, Chief Executive Officer @ Quru)
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