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TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development, spring 2014, 5cr

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Document template for part 1
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Reading material
Reading material related to lectures can be found in Lectures For some lectures there are also articles, which are linked here. The first article is published in POP. The list will be updated during the course.

  • 1. Karat, J., Karat, C. M. The evolution of user-centered focus in the human-computer interaction field, IBM Systems Journal, Vol. 42, No. 4, 2003 Link to the article
  • 2. McConnell, S. How to Defend an Unpopular Schedule, IEEE Software, Vol.13, No. 3, May 1996, Link to the article
  • Most of the articles are available at ACM or IEEE libraries. You can search for the articles also from Google scholar. If you are using net from home, you probably need a vpn-connection.

    Usability Net, standards, terms, methods...
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  • 14.01.2013 Translated to English, first to articles linked
  • 22.03.2014 Updated to 2014