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The course gives basic information of psychology suitable for all students of technology. The goal of the course is to increase knowledge of human behaviour and applying it in human-centered design of technology. Main topics: human development, personality, memory and learning, cognition, emotion, communication, group-behaviour, organizational psychology, creativity, psychology of aesthetics and consumer behaviour.

Objectives of the course:

  • To learn the central fields and application areas of psychology.
  • To understand human characteristics and behaviour.
  • To improve interaction skills and capability to meet different kinds of people.


  • Lectures 2 h/week at periods 1 and 2
  • Weekly excercises 2 h/week. Six exercises at period 1
  • Two home exercises related to weekly exercises
  • Moodle assignments including portfolio and peer review of portfolio
  • Exam

See grading and requirements for passing the course from Moodle2, instructions below.


Language used in this course is English. All reading materials that are required for passing the course are in English, so that both Finnish-speaking and international students have the same materials. Lectures are in english.

Course online

The Course has an online learning environment Moodle2 (moodle2.tut.fi) in use. You can sign in Moodle2 by using your TUT intranet account. After signing in select Course Categories: TIE Pervasive Computing -> TIE-40106, PSYCHOLOGY OF PERVASIVE COMPUTING .

Moodle2 is the main information channel of the course and all exercise works are done or submitted in Moodle2. Make sure to visit Moodle2 regulary. This way you don't miss deadlines. Important news and messages are posted automatically to all participants via e-mail.


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