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Weekly exercises start on the second week of the course. Exercises are held in class room TC171 (group 1) and K2309 (groups 2 and 3) Students must enroll to a exercise group in POP.

Schedule of the exercises





Interviewing and instructions for home exercise
The exercise introduces basic things about interviewing and we make a small interviewing exercise in practice. We will also get instructions for the second home exercise. (Instructions are also in Moodle)


Good/bad design
First we analyze pictures of good/bad design. What makes design good/bad?

Remember to submit your pictures (and comment other pictures) of good/bad design to Moodle2.


We are introduced in the concept of personalization. There is also an exercise in which we will personalize some product or service.


Results of the interviewing home exercise and a design exercise based on the interview results
How did it feel to make an interview? What would've been different if the interviewee had been your age? We shall design a product/service based on the results of the interviews.

Remember to submit your interview results to Moodle2.


Group behaviour
We do a group work that simulates design team work. How can we take in consideration the "laws" of group dynamics in our own life?What kind of roles are there inside a group? We will explore group dynamics and multiprofessional team work by doing an exercise in small groups.


Cognitive restrictions
We are going to watch a dvd about perception and how we interpret perceptions. Then we discuss about the thoughts that dvd raised. We are also going to do an exercise of how to make a design that takes notice of cognitive restrictions.