OHJ-2016 Utilization of Data Structures, I & II 2012

15.08.2013 Course replaced by TIE-20106. Web pages moved to here

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TIE-20106 Data Structures and Algorithms

From the academic year 2013-2014 onwards this course is replaced with TIE-20106 Data Structures and Algorithms. The web pages for TIE-20106 can be found here


The course is a 5-credit-unit course that focuses on data structures and algorithms commonly used in programming. The main emphasis is in understanding the behaviour and efficiency of algorithms and the data structures they're applied to. Attention in also payed to choosing the suitable data structure in a given situation.


Sufficient programming skills are required. There are two prerequisite programming courses: OHJ-1106 Programming I and OHJ-1156 Programming II. In addition, a basic knowledge in mathematics for Algorithms is expected.

This course is identical in content with the version of the course lectured in Finnish: Tietorakenteiden käyttö. The course is primarily targeted to international students, but Finnish students are encouraged to participate as well.


After completing the course, the students are able to:
  • name the most common sorting algorithms and to implement them in a programming language.
  • recognise basic data stuctures and the algorithms needed to handle them
  • choose a suitable data structure for implementing a feature
  • explain the basis of asymptotic algorithm analysis and evaluate the time and memory consumption of simple programs.
  • explain the advantages and limitations of library implementations in different languages

The course is a two-period course consisting of lectures, exercises, programming assignments, and an exam. Grading is based on a written exam and the compulsory programming assignments and byTheMark-exercises, out of which at least 60% of the points needs to be collected.

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