OHJ-2906 Software Science Project 5 cr

2012-2013 periods III-IV

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The goal of the course is to develop knowledge and skills needed for research work in software science. For those who study Software Science the course is an alternative course for courses OHJ-3506 Software Engineering Project (OHJ-3500 Ohjelmistotuotannon projektityö, in Finnish) or OHJ-4500 Lausekielten toteutustekniikka. Like the alternatives, also this course is work-oriented.

Participants of the course carry out some software science project work individually. It could be, for instance, implementing and measuring the performance of a non-trivial algorithm, literature survey, the solving of a small theoretical problem, or a feasibility study based on a theory. Careful documentation in the scientific style is an important issue. Partial completions of the course must be carried out during the same implementation round.

The person in charge is Antero Kangas.


The prerequisite is succesful completion of OHJ-2206 Design and Implementation of Data Structures (the corresponding course in Finnish is OHJ-2200 Tietorakenteiden suunnittelu ja toteutus , and the corresponding old course is 8100310 Tietorakenteet ja algoritmit) or OHJ-2306 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science (OHJ-2300 Johdatus tietojenkäsittelyteoriaan, in Finnish). One of these is obligatory.


The course is lectured on periods III and IV (7.1.-12.5.2013). The group meets in TC128 at the first two mondays (7.1. and 14.1.) on period III at 12-14.


Slides of lecture 1
Slides of lecture 2

Requirements for passing the course

The accomplisment of the course consists of two tasks, reviewing a scientific article, and a scientific project. Both tasks must be executed acceptably.

Reviewing an article

The first task is a short review task of an article. An original scientific publication is critically read and studied using given instructions, and reviewed how a scientific article/report is written. The task has two goals: learning how to avoid the most typical errors in the actual work of the course (making the research and reporting) , and by the reviewed article it is possible to take a look to the topic of the actual project work.

Scientific work

The other task is an individual scientific project work. First the student gets acquainted on a given (or suggested by the student and approved by  the teacher) research topic by reading literature that is related to the topic. After that the student makes the work that is related to it, for instance implementation of an algorithm, making of measurements or other kinds of experiments, and comparing methods presented in the literature. The last and the most important phase is to report of the findings in scientific style in written form. The articles have a few evaluation cycles on which the student may have to change her/his output a lot. The article can be written in English or in Finnish. 

Schedule 2013

      January 2013
 W Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
 1       1   2   3   4   (No lectures)
 2   7L  8   9  10  11   Lecture: course bureaucracy, basics of writing a report
 3  14L 15  16  17  18   Lecture: about scientific work, giving the subjects for exercises
 4  21  22  23+ 24  25   Deadline: 23.1. Returning the review of the article
 5  28  29  30  31       [Planning the research work and searching material]

      February 2013
 W Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
 5                   1   [Planning the research work and searching of material]
 6   4   5   6   7   8   [Planning the research work and searching of material]
 7  11  12  13  14  15   [Research work and writing of the 1. version]     
 8  18  19  20+ 21  22   Deadline 20.2. The report must have 
                         Introduction, Background, and References sections
 9  25  26  27  28       [Research work and repairing the beginning of the report] 

      March 2013
 W Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
 9                   1   [Research work and repairing the beginning of the report] 
10E  4   5   6   7   8   Exam week                        
11  11  12  13  14  15   [Research work, the results must be ready]
12  18  19  20+ 21  22   Deadline: 20.3. All the facts must be in place
13  25  26  27 |--  --   [Repairing the work and the report], Easter semester

      April 2013
 W Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
14  --  --  --|  4   5   [Repairing the work and the report]
15   8   9  10+ 11  12   [Deadline: 10.4. The appearance must be finished]
16  15  16  17  18  19   [Personal feedback on weeks 16-17, 1-2h. Reserve time!]
17  22  23  24  25  26   [Repairing the report]
18  29  30               [Repairing the report] 

      May 2013
 W Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
18          --   2   3   [Repairing the report]
19   6   7   8+ --  10   Deadline 8.5. Returning the reviewable (=final) version of the article 
20E 13  14  15  16  17   Exam week
21  20  21  22  23  24   
22  27  28  29  30  31
Guiding for the work is given on lectures and also by email (Antero.Kangas@tut.fi).
You can ask me (by email) an appointment (in room TE214).
Start the subject of your emails concerning the course by OHJ-2906, thank You.