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Here is some general information about the exam... Exam time is 28.11.2008-01.12.2008. You'll need to return your answers to me by 00:01 latest on the deadline date.

Familiarlize yourself with the rules below. Neglecting the rules is the same as not sending the answers to me.

Exam will be based on the book and the exercises.

Idea is that you can come up with 90% answer by reading the chapters from the book and attending the exercises. Remaining 10% can be obtained by reading related books, magazines, journals, etc..

Details of the exam will be discussed in lecture hours... There are some things that I can tell you about the exam though: Exam is done during the X period of time and that it is done ALONE -> No team work on this one.

Some very important "rules" for the exam:

  • Due the X factor in the internet mail traffic you should return your exam WELL before the deadline
  • If you haven't received your exam by 28.11.2008 23:59 you should send me mail asap or call me
  • Because of the nature of the exam the garding will be harsh = You should answer ALL the questions
  • If you have something to ask about the exam/questions mail me or call me
  • Return your answers to me in .rtf, .doc or in .pdf format. In case you want to use some other format you should inform me. One file only!
  • Send me only one version of your answers = NO late call corrections accepted
  • NO TEAM WORK on this one = If I even smell the change of duplicate answers you'll get all the zero (0) points
  • Last question will be the feedback of the course: pls. answer it, your suggestions are used to better the course in the future
  • You need to get atleast seven (7) point from the exam to pass the course: >7 points = exam has been failed
  • You may use ALL the material you get your hands on to get the job done
  • Basic rules of the exam apply: No calculators, no peeking, no breaks ;)

These rules don't bend... but I can change them a little if needed :)


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