OHJ-4040/6 Concurrency, Adv.course (3cp; spr2013)

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Lecturer: Professor Mikko Tiusanen, mikko.tiusanen@tut.fi. Office hours are posted on the home page.

When sending E-mail, start the field "Subject:" with the string "ConcA: ", if you want the message to be treated as non-junk. (:-)

Lectures: Room TC128, Mon, 12noon-2pm, and Wed, Mar 13, 2013, 10am-12noon. These are in English.

Exercises: Room TC128, Wed, 10am-12noon,
not on Wed, Mar 13, 2013, when exercise session is replaced by a lecture. These are in English.

Problem sets: First exercise is replaced by a lecture. E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6*, E7*. Those marked with star are published later.

Goal and contents: The contents of the course will change for spring 2013.

Having passed the course, the student knows the problem of formulating a distributed algorithm and some methods or models to solve this. The course considers the correctness of concurrent programs, formulating a distributed algorithm, models of distributed computation, and relationships among these. The course considers the correctness of concurrent programs. In particular, we shall consider one way of constructing programs so that these are provably correct.

The course can be included in post-MSc graduate studies.

Grading: Exam, sufficient participation to the seminar part if included. If not too many participants, weekly graded homework that can replace exam. The exam can raise the grade based on homework. The first exam is in a place to be determined on Tue, May 14, 2013, 1-4pm: CHECK this and register for it.

Materials: English lecture notes. These can be found here during the course in PDF form. These are very likely to change: Save a tree, do not print the lecture notes!

Additional materials, subject to change, to be read before the lecture as preparation for it:
L1 (Mar 11): NONE
L2 (Mar 13): NONE
L3 (Mar 18): NONE
L4 (Mar 25): NONE
     (Apr 1): (Easter break)
L5 (Apr 8): DisCo 2
L6 (Apr 15): DisCo 3
L7 (Apr 22): DisCo 6
L8 (Apr 39): NONE
L9 (May 6): Visual verification paper (in PS).
Some of the links to material above (e.g., Springer) only work with a proper subscription, such as the one by the TUT eLibrary when using TUT computers.

Prerequisites: OHJ-2500 Program Verification (recommended), OHJ-4100 Operating systems (recommended), 8104000 Operating systems (compulsory) or OHJ-4010 Concurrency (compulsory).