OHJ-5016 Introduction to Distributed Systems, 5 cr

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Course contents: The goal of the course is to learn about the most important characteristics of distributed systems, to become familiar with some of the important problems and their solutions, and to gain some experience in programming in distributed systems.

Format: The course will be given in English in 2008, but the exact format depends on the number of students. If there is enough demand, the course will be given as a lecture course, otherwise it will be organized as supervised self study. It has been decided that the course will have discussion classes: students are required to read material that is then discussed in class.

Grading: The grade for the course is based on (1) the examination and (2) two programming assignments (2) a programming assignment. The assignments are assignment is the same as those the first assignment used in the Finnish version of the course. The final grade will be calculated using a 60/40 ratio of the examination and assignment grades.

Prerequisites: Required: OHJ-1400 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and OHJ-4010 Concurrency. Recommended: OHJ-2010 Utilization of Data Structures.

Lectures: The course will be lectured in Period 4 & 5 by Jaco Geldenhuys (TF211) at the following time:

  • Mon 12-14 in lecture hall TC103 TC128

The first meeting will be on Mon 4.2.2008. If you miss this meeting but still want to participate in the course, send email to the lecturer so that something can be arranged.

Projects: The assignments have not yet been made public, but the first one will be socket programming and the second one will be using Java RMI.

Course material: The contents of the course is based on the text book:

  • Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Maaten Van Steen, Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms, Pearson / Prentice Hall, Second Edition, 2007.