Ihmiskeskeisen teknologian yksikkö
   kevät 2008

IHTE-1800 seminar in human-computer interaction (3 op/cu):
User Experience (UX) in Design of Interactive Products and Services

Spring 2008: Lectures start on 10.1., last presentation of practical assigments on 3.4.


Since late 1990’s, products have been increasingly differentiated by good usability. Recently, the emphasis in product design has extended from satisfying the functional user needs and basic usability requirements to achieving good User Experience (UX), including the emotional and hedonic aspects of usage. UX is highly context-dependent, and is affected, among other things, by users’ values and previous experiences of related products. UX is born in different interactions with the product, its user interface, associated services and other product elements, such as packaging. Need for highly satisfying UX is obvious in consumer products, especially in personal and mobile appliances. However, it is needed also in work-related products, such as machinery and desktop software.

The basic definition of usability (effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction, as defined by ISO 13407 standard) could be seen including the UX aspects, especially in the “satisfaction” dimension. However, it is important to understand what are the broader elements of UX and how good UX can be designed into different types of products and services.

Objectives of the seminar

Students will become familiar with the UX definitions, frameworks and design methods based on the lectures and literature. Students will also apply the gained knowledge to a selected application area by writing a paper on their selected UX topic.

Seminar will be held in English if there is at least one non-Finnish speaking student.

Seminar staff and contacts

Responsible teacher: Prof. Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila
Teaching assistant: Mervi Hansen

In addition, there are visiting lecturers, including IHTE’s docent Dr. Juha Lehikoinen from Nokia Research Center

All contacts regarding the issues of the seminar should be addressed to:
ihtesem (at) cs.tut.fi

Course online

The Course has an online learning environment Moodle in use. You can sign in Moodle by using your TUT intranet account. Moodle is the main information channel of the course and all assignments are submitted in Moodle. Make sure to visit Moodle regulary. This way you don't miss deadlines. Important news and messages are posted automatically to all participants via e-mail.


Lectures and weekly assignments in January and February 2008

Practical assignment (paper writing) in pairs in February/March

Final presentations (and acting as an opponent) in March and early April 2008


Thursdays 10.00-11.30 (2x45 min). Classroom K0739 (Located at Human-Centered Technology)

There will be 6 lectures. The first lecture will be held on 10.1. and last one on 14.2.

10.1.2008Introduction to UX + objectives of the seminarKaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila
17.1.2008 UX design and methodsKaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila
24.1.2008Experience in different fields of science and artTeija Vainio
31.1.2008Personal Content ExperienceJuha Lehikoinen, docent, NRC
7.2.2008Mobile browsing UX research and developmentVirpi Roto, NRC
14.2.2008UX in ubiquitous environmentsPertti Huuskonen, NRC

There will be five weekly assignments in association to the lecture topics. Each assignment will include, for example, writing brief summaries of two to three UX-related papers (to be assigned).

Presentation of practical assignments/papers:

  • Thu 13.3. (three presentations per meeting)
  • Fri 28.3.
  • Thu 3.4.
  • (Fourth meeting will be scheduled if needed)

Practical assignment (harjoitustyö)

Students will write a paper in pairs or alone on how UX principles and design methods can be applied to a selected product or service application domain (5 pages in ACM paper format). The application domains can be, for example:

  • Mobile communication
  • Personal content management
  • User experience with machinery at work
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Children’s technologies
  • Games
  • Etc.

In their practical assignments, students can refer to the papers they have read in their weekly assignments, but in addition they will have to find additional references (min. three) related to their specific topic.


As part of their weekly assignments, all students will read selected chapters (To Be Defined) of the following:

  • Jordan, Designing pleasurable products
  • Blythe et al (Eds.), Funology, From Usability to Enjoyment
  • McCarthy & Wright, Technology as Experience
  • Lehikoinen et al, Personal Content Experience
  • Etc.
And other nominated papers.

In addition, students will themselves look for further literature references for their practical assignment (see above).

Requirements for passing the course

  • Attending 4/6 lectures
  • Returning all (5) weekly home assignments acceptably
  • Returning the practical assignment (paper) acceptably by the time of the presentation
  • Acting as an opponent to another assignment/paper
  • Attending 2/4 presentation meetings


24 students can attend the seminar. The seminar is intended primarily for doctoral students, but if there is space, also undergraduates can attend.

With the above restrictions, the seminar is open to both TUT’s students and the students of Tauchi at UTA.


Pre-registration is required by 3.1.2008. Please use the registration form found in the link in the menu on the left side of this page.

All registered students will be informed by 5.1.2008 if they can attend (see the restrictions above).