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   kevät 2010

This seminar has been canceled/postponed. Please contact Kaisa VVM (kaisa.vaananen-vainio-mattila (at) tut.fi) if you want to study the subject in form of a book exam.
Sorry for the inconvenience - the already registered students will be/have been contacted personally.

IHTE-1800 seminar in human-computer interaction (3 op/cu):
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Product User Experience (UX)

The plan for a postgraduate seminar at TUT IHTE in March-May 2010 (created on 11.1.2010).
UCIT graduate school students and students from Tauchi (UTA) are welcome to attend.


In the past decade, the emphasis in product design has been extended from satisfying the functional user needs and basic usability requirements to achieving good User Experience (UX), including the emotional or hedonic aspects of usage. UX is highly context-dependent and dynamic, and is affected, among other things, by users. values and previous experiences of related products. It is important to understand what are the broader aspects and approaches of UX and how good UX can be designed into different types of products and services.

In the field of usability, UX has been investigated mainly from the perspective of human-computer interaction. It should however be acknowledged that other fields such as industrial design, marketing and psychology have major contributions to UX research and design.

Objectives of the seminar

Students will become familiar with a number of perspectives of UX research and design. Such multidisciplinary approaches may include design and emotions, shopping experience, service experience, experience of multimodal interaction, and jewellery design.

In the beginning of the seminar, there will be 2-3 lectures on product design topics (TBD). In addition, the learning in this seminar will mainly take place through students. own investigations to the selected themes of product UX. This will happen by writing the practical assignment i.e. article summaries with own conclusions, and acting as opponents to others.

Seminar will be held in English if there is at least one non-Finnish speaking student. In any case, the reports will be written in English. Seminar will be held in

Seminar staff and contacts

Responsible teacher: Prof. Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila

All contacts regarding the issues of the seminar should be addressed to:
ihtesem (at) cs.tut.fi

Schedule (tentative)


Opening lecture on Tuesday, March 9th, at 2-4 pm 2-3. further lectures in March (dates TBD, tentatively on Tuesdays March 23rd and March 30th, at 2-4 pm).

Practical assignment (see below) in pairs:
Working on the assignments in March/April

Final presentations (and acting as an opponent):
In late April and in May 2010 (dates TBC, tentatively on Tuesdays April 27th, May 4th and May 11th at 2-4 pm)

Practical assignment (harjoitustyö)

Students will write a written report in pairs (or alone) on how UX principles and design approaches have been applied in various product or service application domains. The approaches and domains can be, for example:

  • Design and emotions: Aesthetics, gender issues, affective design, ...
  • Experience design in various (non-HCI) disciplines: Food design, jewellery design, lighting design, environment design, shopping experience design, car design, ...
  • Interaction experience: Multimodal interaction experience, gaming experience, social UX, ...

The course responsible will propose a number of topics for the students to choose from, but students can also propose their own topic.

The reports will be 2-3 pages in ACM paper format. Each practical assignment will refer to at least 4 publications of the chosen topic. Own reflections and conclusions will be included.


In their practical assignments, students will read selected chapters of the following:

  • Product Experience by Schifferstein & Hekkert (Eds.), Elsevier, 2008
  • Design and Emotion, The Experience of Everyday Things by McDonagh, Hekkert, Van Erp & Gyi (Eds.), Taylor & Francis, 2004
In addition, students will themselves look for further literature references for their practical assignment

Requirements for passing the course

  • Attending 2/3 lectures
  • Returning the practical assignment (report) acceptably by the given deadlines (TBD, before the presentations starting on April 27th)
  • Acting as an opponent to another assignment/paper
  • Attending 2/3 of the final presentation meetings

If a student cannot attend the required number of lectures/final presentations, they may substitute some of the attendances with extra tasks (to be agreed with Kaisa)


Maximum number of 24 students can attend the seminar. The seminar is intended primarily for doctoral students, but if there is space, also undergraduates can attend.

With the above restrictions, the seminar is open to TUT's students, the students of UCIT graduate school and the students of Tauchi unit at UTA.


Pre-registration is required by February 25th, 2010. Please use the registration form found in the link in the menu on the left side of this page.

All registered students will be informed by February 26th, 2010 if they can attend (see the restrictions above).