SGN-1159 Introduction to Signal Processing, long version 2012, 5cr

General Information

Lectures (28h)

Given by Karen Egiazarian (Room TE 416, Phone 3115 3860, E-mail: firstname.familyname (at)

Exercises (18h)

Given by Pavlo Molchanov (Room TE 414, E-mail: fistname.lastname (at)

Time and place:



Final exam and exercises, including small homeworks. 70% of lectures (4 hours of lectures every week) and 80% of exercises have mandatory attendance. Collect at least 50% of all homework points. Return a satisfactory MATLAB project before the deadline.

Content of the course

The lectures will follow the textbook:

[1] Sanjit Mitra, Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach, 3rd edition, McGraw Hill, 2005.
[2] Steven W. Smith, The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

All students are entitled of borrowing one copy of the textbook for the time of the course. In order to get a book from the library, the student should be registered at POP. The library will be giving the books to registered students.