SGN-1158 Introduction to Signal Processing, short version 2012, 3 cr

Updated 27.8.2012
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12.9.2012: The Matlab tutorial

27.9.2012: The Matlab solutions of the first three exercise sessions

03.10.2012: Test results

03.10.2012: Test solutions

09.10.2012: Questions for exam Please consider the theoretical questions for the exam. The material can be found in the lecture slides.

05.11.2012: Detailed results of exercise sessions, Bonus points

Exercise groups

The exercises are given by Tatiana Efimushkina (firstname.lastname(at) There are three exercise groups:
The exercise tasks are personal. You participate only in one group. For classroom TC407 you need a working Lintula account! More information here.


Exercise 1 (4.9.2011 or 7.9.2011)
Files needed: toomuch.mat

Exercise 2 (11.9.2011 or 14.9.2011)
Files needed: bird1.mat, toomuch.mat

Exercise 3 (18.9.2011 or 21.9.2011)
Files needed: toomuch.mat, test.mat, DivideBands.m, CombineBands.m

Exercise 4 (25.9.2011 or 28.9.2011)

Exercise 5 (2.10.2011 or 5.10.2011)

Exercise 6 (9.10.2011 or 12.10.2011)
Files needed: corrupt.mat

Course requirements

70% attendance in exercises, you get exercise points from

General information

Each exercise is focused mainly on topics that are covered in the lectures week before them, so there are no exercises in the first week. Non-Matlab tasks (old-school pen&paper tasks) have to be done before the exercise session, and in the beginning of the exercise session you will mark which tasks you have solved (your solution does not have to be 100% correct, as long as you have seriously tried to solve the task). Note that marking a task as solved means that the assistant may ask you to present your solution on the whiteboard; Matlab tasks are meant to be done after this in class, where you can ask advice from the assistant. The assistant will check the Matlab tasks when you are ready and give exercise points for them.

Course grading

By completing the exercises beforehand and during the exercise session, you can earn bonus points for the exam. Points attached to the successful completion of the exercises are:

Exercise pointsBonus points for the exam
at least 40%1
at least 60%2
at least 80%3
at least 95%4

Matlab tutorials

Matlab tutorial
(Old) Matlab-primer