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General Information

The exercises are given by Pavlo Molchanov (firstname.lastname (at) There are two groups, you can choose one of them:

In order to pass the exercises and be able to attend the course exam you have to:

If for any justified reason you cannot fulfill all the requirements above you need to inform me as soon as possible. If you need assistance with anything related to the exercises you can visit my office (TE414).

Classroom exercises

Each week we will solve few exercises related to the course lectures. In many cases these exercises will be very similar to those that will appear in the exam.


The homeworks are individual assignments and therefore plagiarism is strictly forbidden. The regulations of TUT are very clear regarding this issue. If you get caught copying you will get a zero in the corresponding homework. If you are get caught twice you will fail the course. The person that allows someone to copy his or her homeworks will also have the same punishment. Your homeworks grade will account for 20% of the final grade of the course. The other 80% will come from the exam. In each homework you will be able to collect some points. The final homeworks grade will be calculated according to the following table:

Homework pointsHomeworks grade

You can deliver your homework solutions to the mailbox 439 located at the beginning of the TC4 corridor (Tietotalo, 4th floor), just next to room TC403. Another option is to send them by e-mail to me before the deadline. There is NO NEED and it will not give you any better grade to use typewriting tools like Word or Latex so do not waste time with that. But please write clearly and remember to STAPLE together all pages of your homeworks. Otherwise there is a high chance that pages will be lost. You should include all relevant intermediate steps in your solutions but try to be as brief as possible.

MATLAB project

The MATLAB project is graded as pass or fail. Passing the project gives you the right of attending the course exam but it does not affect your final grade.
The deadline for returning the project is October 18, 2012 at noon.

Get the project instructions. You can also download a template MATLAB script that you can edit to include your solutions. You will need these audio files for the project: counting.wav, countingecho.wav, harmonica.wav .

Voluntary test

Before the real course exam we will make an optional test where you can get some bonus points (at most 20 bonus points). This bonus points will add to your homeworks points.
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