SGN-84007 Introduction to Matlab


There are 4 lectures. All are in TB111 on Mondays at 8:15-10:00. There will be a full video recording of each lecture (link will be added below). The lecture slides below are from 2015 and will be updated during the course.


There are 7 weekly exercises. Each week there are 6 exercise groups, of which you choose one.

  1. Tuesday at 8 - 10 in TC303 (Lingyu Zhu)
  2. Wednesday at 10 - 12 in TC303 (Risto Vehmas)
  3. Thursday at 16 - 18 in TC303 (Khazar Khorrami)
  4. Friday at 10 - 12 in TC303 (Risto Vehmas)
  5. Friday at 14 - 16 in TC303 (Lingyu Zhu)
  6. Friday at 16 - 18 in TC303 (Khazar Khorrami) [sorry; this time was wrong in the lectures]
Notes about the exercises:

Exercise tasks:

Exercise points

The gained exercise points can be seen here.


The results for fall 2016 implementation are here.


Other questions:
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