TIE-22306 Data-Intensive Programming

Tampere University of Technology
TIE-22306 Data-Intensive Programming
Fall 2016
3 credit points

University lecturer Timo Aaltonen

MSc Antti Kallonen, MSc Antti Luoto and Adnan Mushtaq

Background and Motivation

The amount of data in the world has exploded during the last decade. This has lead to setting where the traditional methods and tools are not anymore suitable for capturing, curating, managing, and processing data whose volume exceeds terabytes. Therefore, new approaches has been developed to cope with big data.

One of the most prominent framework for processing big data is Apache Hadoop, which is developed for distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers. The framework is written in Java, but a language binding exists for most of the commonly used languages.

In this course the students learn the basics of the framework and get hands on experience of using it.

The textbook of the course is the third edition of the Tom White's book Hadoop: The Definitive Guide. Moreover, extra material will be published on this web page.


Course Work

Instructions are available at coursework.html

Exam material

Week 1: Introduction and HDFS

Week 2: MapReduce

Week 3

Week 4

Week #5

Questions and Further Information

Questions may be sent to:
timo.aaltonen@tut.fi.nospam. (remove ".nospam" from the address before sending).

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