Ihmiskeskeisen teknologian laitos

Fall 2013-2014

All course information will be maintained in Moodle2 and it will be used for course communication

The course personnel: Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö, Antti Järvi, Jari Laaksonen

For all communication, we are available during an appointment hour which is held in TF212 tuesdays 13.00-14.00, lectures and exercises.
Course also has an irc channel #UIDesign in IRCNET where the main assistant lurks

Couse description can be found in POP

Attention! Due to large amount of students enrolled to the course the first lecture has been moved to room K1703. Location of the following lectures is also prone to change


There are three lectures on the course:

Monday 21.10.2013 10-12 K1703 (Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö)

Monday 25.11.2013 10-12 TB111 (Visitor’s)

Monday 02.12.2013 10-12 TB111 (Juha-Matti Vanhatupa)

The basic course arrangements will be presented on the first lecture. Cu there!


There will be exercises during the weeks 44-49 and 3h/week.


Tuesday 9-12 TB207 (English) – Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö

Wednesday 9-12 TC 161 (English) – Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö (implemented if other exercise groups are filled)

Wednesday 14-17 TC131 (English) – Antti Järvi

Thursday 14-17 TC131 (Finnish) – Jari Laaksonen

You can enroll to the exercises by writing your name and student number to the enrollment form located at the second floor of department of pervasive computing near the door of TC203. Form will be available from 22.10 to 25.10 and the first exercises will be held at tuesday 29.10


The group assignment will be published by week 44 (3 persons/group).


  • 19.12.2013 17-20
  • 10.2.2014 17-20
  • 2.4.2014 17-20