TLT-2716 Teletraffic theory part I: Queuing theory

Fall 2011, 1st and 2nd periods, Tampere University of Technology.

Lecturer: D. Moltchanov, e-mail:

Assistants: T. Ephimushkina, e-mail:, A. Pyattaev, e-mail:



The overall course "Teletraffic theory" consists of two parts. In the first part basic knowledge of queuing systems is given. The first part of the Teletraffic theory course deals with queuing models. Queuing theory is one of the most important tools within the scope of the Teletraffic theory that allows to establish a connection between mathematical abstractions and real world applications.


It is not required for participants to have knowledge of probability theory and stochastic process. Basic knowledge of these disciplines (necessary to understand the course) will be given.