ELT-43506 (earlier TLT-5506)  Laboratory Course in communication systems, 5-9 cr.

- General -

         Before starting this course a student has to pass a personal interview with Ari Asp. The purpose of this meeting is to check that the student has all the necessary basic knowledge for telecommunication measurements. Because of this, student has to contact Ari Asp (ari.asp@tut.fi) and reserve time for the meeting.

         The course consists of number of assignments, each yielding 0.5-2.0 cr. The assignments are done mainly in groups of two. Studens can choose single assignments from laboratory course of communication networks TLT-2500, but only if a student has at least the minimum, 5 cr, from TLT-5506.

         To register, send e-mail to Ari Asp. The e-mail should contain your name and student number.

         Registering to an assignment is done by contacting the person in charge of the assignment.  A student and the assistant have to discuss suitable time for the assignment together.

         To pass the course, each group must complete assignments worth  5-9 cr. during the academic year. Assignments can be selected based on one's own interest with respect to the requirements.

         A sudent have to decide how many cr. he/she need for.  If xx cu is enough for a student, he or she has to inform Ari Asp (TG 212, email: ari.asp@.tut.fi) about it at the time when assignments worth xx cr is completed. After this, the study attainment will be registered.

         Studies can be started also in the spring term.

         Each assignment has a person in charge of the assignment. This person answers to questions concerning the assignment and handles the distribution, controlling and checking of the assignment.

         See the web page of the assignment you are interested in for more info.

         Finnish version TLT-5500