TLT-5606 Spread Spectrum Techniques, Spring 2009

Toni Huovinen and Simona Lohan
Toni Huovinen and Simona Lohan
The course focuses on the principles and theory of spread spectrum (SS) communications with emphasis on CDMA and satellite positioning. Issues to be covered include, e.g., principles of SS techniques, spreading codes, code acquisition, code tracking and performance analysis of single- and multi-user detection in various channel conditions.
Lectures, calculus and Matlab exercises, and an optional computer simulation project.
In an optional Matlab project work, students carry out an individual simulation study of a system or an algorithm related to the lectures. Topics and detailed instructions
Lectures are on Wednesday, 14-17, starting February 4th, 2009, in classrooms TB223. Detailed timetable.
5 cp by passing the final examination
7 cp by passing the examination AND completing a successful computer simulation project
The course will be based mostly on the following books:

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