ELT-43306 Advanced Course in Digital Transmission, Fall 2015

Digitaalisen siirtotekniikan jatkokurssi

Update: 25.11.2015


Goals: The goal is to strengthen the communication theoretic basis for advanced wireless system development.

Format: Lectures, exercises, and computer simulation projects; possibly also optional USRP exercises.

Time and place: Wednesdays at 14.15-17.00 in room TC219

Credits: 5-7 cr



- Exam: The exams are about the core contents covered during first half of the course (Period 1).

- Mandatory homework exercises about the Topics 3, 4, and 5.

- Participation in each lecture session or small additional homework excercise about the topics of each missed lecture session.

- To pass the course, 50 % of the exam points has to be reached, all mandatory homeworks have to be completed in an acceptable way, and possible missed lecture sessions have to be compensated by exerices.

- Grading: 15/18/21/24/27 points required for grade 1/ 2/3/4/5, respectively.

Homework exercises:

Schedule & materials:

Topic 1 (2.9., 9.9.): Introduction; Review of single-carrier digital transmission systems

Topic 2 (9.9., 16.9): Digital communication through fading multipath channel; Diversity techniques, Outage probability and outage capacity

Topic 3 (23.9., 30.10.): Statistical signal processing principles with applications in adaptive equalization and channel estimation principles

Topic 4 (7.10.): Multi-antenna techniques, part 1

(12.-16.10. Exam break)

Exam (13.10.)

Topic 4 (21.10.): Multi-antenna techniques, part 2

Topic 5 (11.11.): Another statistical signal processing tool: Expectation Maximization algorithm by Jukka Talvitie

Topic 6 (18.11.): Advanced channel coding methods: Turbo codes & LDPC codes; Iterative receiver processing by Toni Levanen

Topic X (2.12.): Possible extensions or additional topics; Course wrap-up by MR


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[4] Andrea Goldsmith, Wireless Communications, Cambridge University Press, 2005.

[5] Brance Vucetic, Jinghong Yuan: Space-Time Coding, Wiley 2003.

Contact info: Markku Renfors, TUT/ELT, TG309, markku.renfors(at)tut.fi, tel. 040 849 0752