TLT-6106 Basic Course on Wireless Communications - Fall 2012 implementation




  UMTS Demo



The UMTS demo sessions will be kept on week 47. The demo is done in groups of 6, and you will earn a bonus point by active participation in the demo. The contents of the demo are shortly depicted in the UMTS demo presentation and you also have to fill in a question sheet during the demo.

You have to sign up for the demo. The sign up can be found in the course POP pages (Studies, TLT-6106, Laboratory work, Sign up.) The sign up closes always at the midnight before the corresponding demo. The demo starts at the given time, please do not come late (bonus points may not be given if you come late). Also remember to cancel the sign-up a day before if you can't come to the demo.

The demo will be held by Prabhat Man Sainju, prabhat.sainju (at) tut.fi. Please contact him if any question or if all groups are already full. We will add more groups if/when needed.