TLT-8156 HIGH-FREQUENCY FILTERS, 5 cr, Fall 2007
Lectures 36 h, Exercises 24 h.

Weekly Teaching / Period 1 2 3 4 5 Summer
Lectures, h 3+ 3 - - - -
Exercises, h 2+ 2 - - - -

Lectures: Thursdays 13:15-16:00 in TC173.
Exercises: Exercises begin on 3.09.2007 in TC171.

Course responsible: Prof. Nikolay Tchamov, room TH108, e-mail:
Course coordinator: Dr. Ivan Uzunov, room TH106, e-mail:

Study guide description: HIGH-FREQUENCY FILTERS (link to study guide).

Course Info:

Goal: Introduction to the theory and the circuits of analog filters with an emphasis on their applications in communication. Skills for the design of basic types of analog filters with an emphasis on high-frequency filters intended for communication applications.

Contents: 1. Detailed review and further development of filter synthesis methods at high frequencies. Focuses on using cascaded biquads, passive filters, wave active filters, coupled resonators, quartz crystal filters, etc.

2. Transconductors.

3. Approximation.

4. Monolithic filters for communication applications.

Requirements: Exam.

Recommended prerequisites:

  1. MAT-10312 Engineering Mathematics B 1, 3 cr or equivalent knowledge.
  2. MAT-10322 Engineering Mathematics B 2, 4 cr or equivalent knowledge.
  3. SMG-1100 Circuit Analysis I, 5 cr or equivalent knowledge.
  4. SMG-1200 Circuit Analysis II, 5 cr or equivalent knowledge.

Literature: Selected chapters from various books, for example R. Schaumann, M. E. Van Valkenburg, Design of Analog Filters, Oxford University Press, 2001, and Deliyannis, Continuous-Time Active Filter Design, CRC Press, 1999.

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