TLT-8606 RF-ASIC DESIGN II, 6 cr, Spring 2008
Lectures 36 h, Exercises 36 h.

Weekly Teaching / Period 1 2 3 4 5 Summer
Lectures, h - - - 3+ 3 -
Exercises, h - - - 3+ 3 -

RF-ASIC Design II will be arranged on Spring 2008, in Periods 4-5.
The first lecture will be on Thursday 7.2. at 9:15 in TC-173.

Lectures: Tuesdays 09:15-12:00 in TC173.
Exercises: Auditorium exercises on Tuesdays 13:15-16 in TC171.

Course responsible: Prof. Nikolay Tchamov, room TH108, e-mail:
Course coordinator: Sami Sipilä, room TH112, e-mail:

Study guide description: TLT-8606 RF-ASIC DESIGN II (link to study guide).

Course Info:

Goals: The course gives intermediate to advance knowledge on RF-ASIC design and skills on practical implementation (electrical and physical) of RF blocks.

1. Sub-micron and nano SiGe/BiCMOS/CMOS technologies. Specific monolithic RF-components, such as varactors, inductors and transformers.
2. RF-ASIC design implementations: VCO, LNA, Power Amplifier, Mixer and Frequency Divider.
3. Single-chip transceiver, crosstalk, leakage and other effects between various blocks.
4. Practical on-wafer RF-ASIC measurements.
5. Software tools for RF-ASIC design.

Requirements: Exam, completion of the exercise work, and measurement demo.

Recommended prerequisites:

  1. TLT-8106 Basic Communication Circuits, 4 cr (link to course page),
  2. TLT-8306 RF-ASIC Design I or equivalent knowledge.

Literature: Selected chapters from various books, for example Gray, Hurst, Lewis and Meyer, Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, 4th edition (John Wiley & Sons, 2001), ISBN: 0-471-32168-0.

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