TLT-8607 RF-ASIC Design Project II


TLT-8607 RF-ASIC Design Project II, 9 cr, Fall 2009
Lectures 36 h, Exercises 36 h.

Weekly Teaching / Period 1 2 3 4 5 Summer
Lectures, h 3 3 - - - -
Exercises, h 3 3 - - - -

RF-ASIC Design Project II will be arranged on Fall 2009, in Periods 1-2.

Lectures: Tuesdays 09:15-12:00 in TC173.
Exercises: Auditorium exercises on Tuesdays 13:15-16 in TC171.

Course responsible: Prof. Nikolay Tchamov, room TH108, e-mail:
Course coordinator: Svetozar Broussev, room TH114, e-mail:

Study guide description: TLT-8607 RF-ASIC Design Project II

Course Info:

Objectives of the Course:
Major practical course for MSc level targeting the methods and skills of the design of a modern monolithic RF Integrated Circuits. It serves as complete course for preparing the MSc engineer to design the implementation, the fabrication and the measurement on modern BiCMOS and CMOS Si-process using the integrated tools of CADENCE and modern GHz-range Spectrum Analyzer and VCO/PLL Measurement System. The course is developing further the Designer's Tool Box of Set-ups initiated in the course of TLT-8307 RF-ASIC Design Project-1, for Evaluation of the Silicon Active and Passive Components in the GHz range like Transistors, Inductors, Varactors, Capacitors, Contact/Bonding Pads etc. In this course the recently published in IEEE Transaction on CAS-II structure of Dual-Band GHz-range VCO is the current Target course design. A Generic 90-nm CMOS process provided by Cadence will be used. From the circuit idea, via electric design simulations, layout floor plan, components design and extracted parasitics simulations, and concluding with the GDSII database development and debugging. The course is also introducing the students into the development of their M.Sc. Thesis Works.

Introduction of the RF-IC Design flow at MSc Level. IEEE CAS-2: Novel Fourth-Order Dual-Band VCO: overview and paper presentation, main ideas. Cadence GPDK090 CMOS process overview, available components and their characterization. VCO Electrical Design: 4th Order Resonator, Negative-Gm stage, Capacitor Banks, Current Mirror. Other Dual-Band VCO topologies. Differential layout and specifics for RF. Bonding Pads and ESD. IC Packaging issues. RF-Measurements: RF Components, Wafer probing, Calibration and Measurement set-up preparation. RF-Measurements instruments: High-Speed Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal-Source Analyzers. The MSc Work Organisation, MSc Thesis Structure, Major Parts and Quality Standard; Examples and Templates.

Requirements: 1. Exam. 2. Attending at least 80% of the Lectures. 3. Attending all Exercises. 4. Developing all Homeworks. 5. Completing all Laboratory Exercises.

Recommended prerequisites:

  1. TLT-8307 RF-ASIC Design Project-1
  2. TLT-8507 Communication Circuits and Modules-2
Note: In case you have taken other course(s) which you might consider to be compatible with the prerequisites above, please contact the Lecturer for approval.

Literature: RF-ASIC M.Sc. Design Project lecture slides, Journal papers, Cadence and process manuals.
Selected chapters from various books, for example Gray, Hurst, Lewis and Meyer, Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, 4th edition (John Wiley & Sons, 2001), ISBN: 0-471-32168-0.