TLT-8807 Advanced RF Communication Circuits Seminar


TLT-8807 Advanced RF Communication Circuits Seminar, 9 cr
Lectures 12 h / period, Exercises 6 h / week.

Teaching / Period 1 2 3 4 5 Summer
Lectures 12h/per 12h/per - 12h/per 12h/per -
Exercises 6h/week 6h/week - 6h/week 6h/week -

Course responsible: Prof. Nikolay Tchamov, room TH108, e-mail:

Study guide description: TLT-8807 Advanced RF Communication Circuits Seminar (link to study guide).

Course Info:

Objectives of the Course: To help the MSc Students to develop the PhD works in all important stages in complete details and to share the experience between the course participants in Theory and Practice.

The MSc student will prepare and make four (4) presentations on the progress of his PhD thesis:
1) Broad plan of the PhD works with the important main direction and ideas to consider, objectives and milestones
2) Ideas investigation and Results published in short journal publications
3) Main theoretical achievement of the PhD work in the full size journal publication(s)
4) Complete PhD Thesis Draft presentation. The course is the last course prior opening the PhD procedure for graduation.

1. Attending at least 80% of the Seminars.
2. The four (4) presentations as specified in Course contents.

Recommended prerequisites:

  1. TLT-8607 RF-ASIC Design Project-2
  2. TLT-8507 Communication Circuits and Modules-2